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Essentially everything you need to know about Painting Under the Flames, and more! Please make sure you have a decent understanding of everything within this board before moving on to anything else, and if something doesn't make sense, don't hesitate to ask!
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Your center for announcements and upcoming events. Try to stay updated with everything posted here, so you don't fall behind!
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Have a question that hasn't been answered in the FAQ? Post it here and we'll get to you as soon as we can! You can also make requests regarding the roleplay and / or the site.
Here you can purchase items with your site currency, and put items up for sale.

Character Center

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Here you can create your character or characters and put them through the application process. Stay updated so you know whether or not you have been accepted into the roleplay!
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Accepted characters will be moved here accordingly.
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Here you can find everything that pertains to your characters' possible interactions with others. Trackers, wanted threads, and plotters can all be found and posted in under this board.

The City of Pyre

The City center is the crossroads for some of the most important district in Pyre. It is often used as a meeting point and sees much traffic throughout the day, and is home to the Airship Docks. For anyone looking to mingle within a crowd, the City Center is the place to be.
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The Upper district is home to Pyre's elite. Aristocrats and anyone wealthy enough can afford to live here. The castle is also located within the Upper district, looking out over the rest of the city. Unless they appear to have some significant amount of money, most visitors will be severely looked down upon, or even kicked out.
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Here is where most within Pyre make their home. It ranges from more wealthy to quite poor, and covers a vast area of the city. All who cannot afford housing in the Upper district but are not so poor that they are unable to invest in at least a small home, can find their place in the Residential district.
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One of the largest districts in the city, second only to the Residential district, everything from the marketplace to shops, inns, taverns and restaurants can be found here. During the day it's one of the most densely populated areas in the city, and is always active with merchants, tinkers, shoppers pushing their way through the crowds, and even thieves awaiting the perfect opening to steal some expensive trinket.
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The entertainment district is one of the more fun areas of Pyre. Theatres and dance halls make it home. However, its main attraction is the Colosseum, where gladiator games and chariot races are periodically held for onlookers to enjoy, and the wealthy to bet on.
A unique district, it is found on top of a floating island. Here all children aged 5 to 18 will learn skills before moving on to get jobs. It is a college-like, massive campus with schools ranging for every age, and dorms in which the students live for the duration of their stay. Adjacent to the academy is another island, home to the orphanage where children under 5 years of age who do not have guardians or parents to care for them stay until they are old enough to move on to the campus.
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Named for the crimson lanterns that line its streets, the Red Light district exists tucked between the Entertainment districts and the slums. It is one of the most active of all the districts as far as criminal activity goes, and the only one where crimes are viewed as commonplace. Ridden with brothels, prostitutes (both willing and otherwise), drug houses, and more, the Red Light district is the place to go if you're feeling a little bit... adventurous.
Lining the bay harbor with boats and docks for ships, the Fishing district is home to all who love the sea. Contrary to its name, the fishing district is not necessarily only for fisherman, but also a place where voyagers rest their ships and people bringing goods from overseas can stay for the duration of their visit.
Not populated by any living things, at least none that are actually supposed to be there, the warehouse district exists as a storage space for all that is unneeded for everyday living. The wealthy are able to purchase small warehouse sections of their own, but typically it is used as means to tuck away items that the government has no real use for.
The slums are the dark side of Pyre, a place that beggars and the homeless live. It is tucked far in the corner of the city, away from the higher-living portion of society, and ridden with grime and thievery and unorganized crime. The slums is rarely patrolled by enforcers, for no one sees the need, and therefore is a hot spot for all sorts of illegal activity.

The Outskirts

The Church may be inconspicuous to anyone passing by, but it hold a dark secret. Here the Order makes its home, the headquarters for new seeds of hatred within Pyre. Located in the outskirts, its far enough away to muffle any victim's screams. If you decide you want to be insane and pay the Church a visit, just make sure you're prepared for whatever it is these cultists do.
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The farmland is a picturesque region of green between the city and the sea. Rolling hills of grain and grass are its trademarks. Not many call it home, but those who do are often granted the ability to avoid much of the violence and crime found within Pyre itself. Unfortunately this beautiful countryside's peace is being threatened by the growing presence of the Order.
The wilderness is not the permanent home of any. Marked by massive trees and untamed nature, the wilderness can be a challenge for even the most determined. However, for the right reasons, it could be worth it to brave the woods which keep Pyre isolated from the rest of the world.

Miscellaneous Roleplay

All related RP that occurs outside of the current timeline can be played out here. Please note that the typical rules still apply in this board!
Any alternate universe and/or crack roleplays can be put here. Don't hesitate to be creative and have fun with your threads here, but note that normal rules still apply!

Out of Character

Here monthly tourneys and competitions will take place. Be sure to keep up with this board if you're interested, as it will update regularly as the forum grows!
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Your go-to place for... well, everything! Introductions, absences, and various OOC activities and games can be found here. Please don't hesitate to be creative and have fun, but remember that the rules still apply!
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Have any artwork, literature, graphics or otherwise that you'd like to share? Go right ahead! We promise to give you all the support and encouragement you deserve.
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Have any suggestions you want to propose? Post them here and we'll check them out!
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